The Great British Bake Off Semi-Final

I am ashamed to say I only discovered The Great British Bake Off last week – the quarter finals biscuit fiasco. I immediately watched the rest of series 3 on trusty BBC iPlayer this week, and to say I was excited to see the semi-final was an understatement.

I have always loved baking but this takes it to a whole other level. Brownies are my favourite, not so fussed on cupcakes (too much messing about), cookies are always a fave, and I made my first apple pie the other day!! But the amount of times I’ve had to google what they were on about is beyond me – I had no idea about most of it! So I’ve decided on buying Mary Berry’s Baking Bible I think it’s called – looks like it has every single baking recipe under the sun in – and if her flowery jackets are enough to go by, the book will be a winner.

I’ll be updating with progress, amongst all the other things I make again and again and anything new I try that works, or fails!! I talk about food enough with almost everyone, and my instagram is getting a bit ridiculous (jessgrace) so I thought I should find a place for my ramblings.



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