Sesame Seeded Halloumi


So I’ve been busy of late with excessive uni work, dissertation deadlines and exams upon exams, meaning I’ve been heading home for tea without the time to figure out how to feed myself! Luckily mum’s ‘just thrown together’ tea’s resemble a banquet for me who generally hardly has anything in to throw together except beans and dried couscous. Not great.

The stand out for this however, was the sesame seeded halloumi. We’ve done this for years but I can’t remember where we first heard about it – but it gives it this amazing skin and crunch that is unbeatable. For ages we used to coat it in flour making it brown and crispy, but this adds something else to it and it’s amazing!! One of those things you have to tell people to try if they like halloumi, or even mention the word around me!

It’s quite simply halloumi sliced up and coated in sesame seeds, and then fried on a medium heat. Serve with salad, parmesan potatoes, and anything else you like to make up your picky tea! Garlic bread is a must though.


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