REVIEW: Gorilla Manchester & The Staves


Tonight my Mum and I were off to see the lovely Staves (Spotify if you’ve never heard them, they’re perfection to your ears I promise!) who were playing in somewhere called Gorilla in Manchester. Looking on their website we saw they did food there and it looked like lovely food too, so decided to eat there.

When we got there it was chocker, but we sneakily found a jammy table after people didn’t show up (how rude!) but good for us I suppose – so thanks!! There was too much to choose from really, but the smells of the chicken from the table next to us were too much to bear, so we ordered the Chermoula Chicken Kebab and deluxe chips! I was going to get the Chargrilled Chicken but we were told it took an extra 20 minutes and we were a bit short of time, so unadventurously we both ordered the same!! Don’t care though as it was bloody marvellous. I have a real thing for chicken at the moment, but only when it’s done right (a la Gourmet Burger Kitchen – they know how it’s done!), but this place can join the list of Places That Can Do Chicken Well (a real list!). Perfect flavour and golden colour that tastes a bit of barbecue. Can’t be beaten. Along with the flatbread and puy lentil salad it was lovely.

And now the chips. Deluxe chips with truffle oil and parmesan cheese. Oh. Wow. I honestly do love chips so I am easily pleased, but these will have to be recreated. I’ll let you know how I get on, but I will dream of these chips until then.

Then we headed around the corner to see the Staves. I’m no music reviewer, but just give them a listen and you’ll understand how good they can be live. Three sisters with beautiful harmonies and a sharp sense of humour made for a perfect night. Please listen to them!

Now I’m off to dream of truffle oil and parmesan chips and listen to the Staves!

Happy Saturday!!



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