How to Plan A Treasure Hunt: Top Tips

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After planning a birthday treasure hunt for James when I was going away the day of his birthday, I wanted to share how I did it! It took a LOT of planning, but I wanted to leave him with something to do while I was gone. It started in the car as he was driving me to the airport – he got to open the first clue! It directed him back home for a few clues around the flat, and then on to pick his mates up who each had a clue! The last one directed him to the main event – it ended with a big box filled with edible goodies (lots of fizzy sweets, mint Aero and flumps) and an ASDA Click & Collect order, which he had to go and collect – it was filled with beer, bacon and ham.. lots of ham. It was very food related, but that was always going to happen!


  1. Plan, plan, and plan some more! I honestly made a table. I would have got totally mixed up with what clue was meant to go where and who got what! I wrote the order numbers on the backs of the clues and wrote where that clue was meant to be. Much easier.
  2. Use the internet!! I can’t rhyme for toffee so Rhyme Zone was a lifesaver. I also created a special QR code with this QR code generator, and reversed text so that he needed a mirror to read the clue with on this website! For the QR code, I downloaded a scanner app on his phone, clicked on plain text creator and printed it out! Easy peasy! I also created a Rebus clue (?!) which is basically pictures and letters using this site – I loved this one though! It might have been my favourite! Basically, use all the technology!!
  3. Go big or go home – Take it outside your house! In the garden, in the car, hidden locations, work, with friends, at favourite restaurants, etc., etc.! The possibilities are endless! Go far and wide!
  4. Hide your history! I used Google Chrome’s sneaky Incognito mode. Genius.
  5. Personalise it! It definitely makes it 100% better if you get some personal jokes in there, things that will make them smile and shows how much effort you’ve put in!! Include their favourite foods, favourite places and don’t just print out the first thing you find online! Not worth it.
  6. Get your Art Attack on! Go buy a Pritt-Stick (I actually didn’t have one), some card and Crayola’s and go to town! Cutting and sticking makes it all the more fun to find, and it takes you back to your primary school days!
  7. Where is it all going? What will it end with!? Don’t let it be an anticlimax! It doesn’t have to cost a bomb but make it just as exciting as the clues themselves!
  8. Photos! Film, video, photograph the whole event!! It will be so nice to look back on – I only wish I could have had it filmed so I could have seen his reactions!

The prize!



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